Expanding the Use of Movable Site Furniture


“…a wonderful invention – the movable chair…the big asset is moveability. Chairs enlarge choice: to move into the sun, out of it, to make room for groups, move away from them. The possibility of choice is as important as the exercise of it…There declarations of autonomy to one self, and rather satisfying.”

–William H. Whyte, The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces


The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces opened my eyes years ago to what makes outdoor spaces successful. It felt like the rosetta stone for creating great public space. Like many urban designers, the genius of William Whyte’s insights inspired me to create spaces that imbued these revelations. Choice in particular resonated with me. Choice meant freedom to allow the user to change the public space to adapt to their needs and the situation. Movable tables and chairs were the epitome of this.  Continue reading